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Now, there's a safe and secure way to transport your wine anywhere.

The WineSkin® bottle transport bag is the first and only way to safely and securely transport wine and other bottles no matter where you go. Never again worry about bottles leaking or breaking inside your luggage, or during shipment. WineSkin is the leak-proof transport system that is affordable, easy to use and secure. Just place the bottle inside WineSkin and its double seals help keep your precious cargo intact during transport or shipment.

WineSkin is available at fine wine and spirits retailers worldwide, as well as wineries and tasting rooms to help you get your precious cargo back home safely. WineSkin is also affordable - a 3-pack of WineSkin carries a suggested retail price of $9.99 or less.

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CNN Recommends WineSkin

CNN's Eatocracy blog recommends WineSkin for all travel:

We've fallen in love with WineSkin...

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TSA: Traveling with Food

Click here to read TSA's guidelines on bringing food and liquids onto aircraft. Travel safely with WineSkin!

If your operation is a:

Winery or Fortified Spirit Manufacturer: you will want to ship samples wrapped in WineSkin to help provide that extra level of security and confidence that your bottle will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

Tasting Room: send every bottle sold home wrapped in a custom-imprinted WineSkin featuring your logo, web address and other contact information for follow-up sales; designed to increase tasting room sales by providing consumers with a safe and cost effective method for wine transportation and to assist your sales force in facilitating additional sales, particularly against airplane cabin prohibitions on liquid transport.

Distributors: deliver samples to retail accounts in WineSkin — use it as an upsell opportunity by reselling WineSkin to your accounts.

Retailers: send every bottle you sell out the door wrapped in protective WineSkin — whether the bottle is going around the block or around the world, nothing inspires more travel confidence that WineSkin.

There's only one way to transport wine — WineSkin.

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Now available in the United States — Wine Shield, the amazing product that keeps wine fresh in the bottle through the last glass poured.

Available from From The Source LLC (WineSkin's creator), Wine Shield is the perfect addition to any wine retailer or winery — and it's a natural for any wine-by-the-glass establishment like bars, restaurants, and other hospitality locations.

Just what is it? Wine Shield is plastic disc that floats on the top of wine in any opened 750ml bottle. When Wine Shield is inserted into the bottle, it creates a barrier to oxidation which preserves the taste and nose of the wine for up to 5 days from the moment of opening.

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Latest News from the world of Wine Skin

WineSkin Display at the Punta Del Este Wine Fair, Uruguay

We're thrilled to receive these images from our friends and authorized distributors in Uruguay, showing WineSkin on display at the Punta Del Este Wine Fair. As you can see, our distributor Juan Vazquez has a great design esthetic, with a beautiful booth and innovative acrylic WineSkin display modules of his own design. Great work, Juan, and thank you for supporting WineSkin in Uruguay!

FlipKey: The top travel products to make your trip easier

FlipKey by TripAdvisor has a great new article entitled "The top travel products to make your trip easier," and it includes a wide variety of innovative and interesting products, including WineSkin!

Nothing improves a long flight or a stressful vacation like getting drunk. Unfortunately glass bottles break and plastic bottles leak if not stored and shipped carefully. Enter WineSkin, a transport bag is the first and only way to safely and securely transport wine and other bottles no matter where you go.

Click here to read the complete article at FlipKey.

DrinkMeMag.com: WineSkin

Adrien at DrinkMeMag.com has great new coverage of WineSkin up over at Drink Me Magazine - click here to check it out!

If you’re reading this, chances are you like wine. You’ve also more than likely experienced the pain of trying to pack bottles into a suitcase or ship them across the country. Struggle no more. WineSkin is a nifty little gizmo that has changed the way we send, ship, or stash wine forever. The incredibly simple yet sophisticated wine packaging tool takes all of the shenanigans out of transporting wine.
New Exclusive Distributor for Portugal

From The Source LLC and the WineSkin team are pleased to announce the appointment of a new exclusive distributor for Portugal.

TOTAL EXPANSION IMPORTACAO, EXPORTACAO e COMERCIO UNIPESSOAL LDA is our new distributor. They are located at Avenida São Miguel, 249 – Esc. #51, Cascais, Lisboa (Lisbon), in Portugal, of course!

They can be reached by phone at (+351) 211-370-436.

Huffington Post: Four Bottles, 6,920 Miles and Why It Survived the Baggage Hold

London-based journalist Rebecca Williams recently blogged at Huffington Post about her globe-trotting journeys with bottles of wine packed into her checked luggage:

I was introduced to the Wineskin in Argentina, we transported four bottles of fine Malbec 6,920 miles back home and didn't have so much as a dribble. I really wanted to write about them and it wasn't until I had to leave another great bottle of wine behind in Emilia Romagna in Italy that I sought them out. Now I really won't travel abroad without them.

Click here to read the complete review at Huffington Post

WineSkin in New Zealand

We're pleased to show off this image taken yesterday at the Christchurch, New Zealand, airport, where WineSkin is now available to travelers and their precious cargo.

WineSkin at LadyLUX.com

WineSkin was featured as part of LadyLUX.com's 2014 Travel Gadgets roundup feature.

Explore the vineyards of Oregon’s Willamette Valley during your summer travels. Don’t go wine tasting without bringing home your favorite wines. The Wine Skin is the ultimate vino-lover’s travel accessory. Avoid leaking and breaking with the double-sealed bags, storing them safely in your luggage for traveling. Cheers to a successful wine-traveling vacation.

Click here to read the complete article

WineSkin on Ozarks Live

WineSkin made an appearance on KOLR Channel 10's Ozarks Live show with Tom and Shannon. Check it out!

Get Lost Magazine: WineSkin

Get Lost Magazine, an Australia-based travel magazine, recently profiled WineSkin and had these kind words to say:

For anyone who ever thought they needed a second skin while travelling, well, you do: your WineSkin. Let’s say you’ve spent days quaffing your way around the quaint vineyards of Bordeaux, getting tipsy in Tuscany or mulling over a Malbec, or two, in Mendoza. Who doesn’t want to bottle that experience and take a drop home? With WineSkin you can, without the risk of turning your luggage into a ghastly spittoon. With its cushioned belly and leak-proof, double-adhesive seam, the WineSkin will ensure your vintage has a comfortable ride home. And if you blow US$5000 on a bottle of 1990 Château Pétrus that smashes, no worries, the WineSkin won’t break a sweat.

Click the image below for a larger view
Chef Les Kincaid on WineSkin

Noted wine writer, cookbook author and radio/television host Les Kincaid recently covered the WineSkin on his nationally syndicated Wines Du Jour program that airs worldwide, including in all 50 states, satellite, cable and all over Asia on Vasian cable network each week. His guest was Aaron L. Snyder, and Alyse Snyder owners of Wineskin. They discussed their product and shared stories of using it.

Click here to watch the segment now (begins about 19:00)

If you're a typical traveler, in the air or on the ground, you that the more you can take with you the less expensive your experience will be. So, I believe you could certainly take your own wine. Or if you discover a wine while traveling, use the Wineskin to transport it home.

This is an opportunity to enjoy that special bottle you have in your cellar on your trip without worry of having it collapse and ruin all you luggage. I'm talking about WineSkin travel. WineSkin is built with a tough vinyl exterior and a bubble-pack interior. Slide a wine bottle into the Wineskin, peel the adhesive and seal it shut. You're safe! The shock-absorption construction makes transporting your wines from place to place simple. You can find a 3-pack of WineSkin at your local wine retail store for about $10. That's more affordable than replacing your travel items, and much less expensive than shipping. Enjoy the perks of affordable, instantaneous gratification. For more information, please visit www.winesdujour.com.

Scroll ahead to about 19:00 for the WineSkin segment
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