WineSkin was created by founders Aaron and Alyse Snyder
in response to heightened travel security measures worldwide.

Upon being married in Santa Monica, California in July of 2006, Aaron and Alyse took their honeymoon to various parts of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Seychelles islands. At the end of their honeymoon, on August 14, Aaron and Alyse were set to return back to their home in Venice, California where Aaron, a lawyer, had to tend to client matters, and Alyse, an acupuncturist, had patients to treat.

Without knowing what had occurred in the United Kingdom earlier that week, Aaron and Alyse boarded the first of three planes on their 24-hour return trip, with the first stop being London, England. Only when Aaron and Alyse landed at Heathrow and saw that the airport was in complete lockdown, did they learn about how the UK police discovered and stopped the terrorist attempts to detonate liquid explosives on flights heading to the United States. Aaron and Alyse also experienced the unprecedented security measures that were then implemented at that time due to the failed terrorist attempts, some of which are still in effect to this day and continue to affect passengers.

One restriction that Aaron and Alyse found to be particularly inconvenient after experiencing the travel restrictions was the inability to clear security with items containing greater than 3 ounces of liquid. While the two knew that there were travel accessories on the market that could be used to take the shampoos, cosmetics, soaps, drinks, etc. in quantities less than 3 ounces, they quickly realized that it was those products that couldn’t be reduced to these smaller quantities but were purchased on trips that would be a problem. The one product that came to mind was wine. Aaron and Alyse would occasionally fly back with a bottle or two of wine from Napa Valley and would bring the bottles on to the plane. With this new restriction, wine aficionados who were flying had the option of either not buying wine at all, shipping bottles to their destination (a cost that might be more than the bottles themselves or not possible with some state laws), or wrapping bottles in boxes, cushioning wrap or clothes, risking theft or breakage of the bottle and destruction of the clothes and luggage, not to mention trying to fit the bottles in luggage where space was probably too limited to begin with.

Upon returning to the United States, Aaron and Alyse conferred with several friends and business partners and resources about the market potential for a product that could solve some of these new problems, specifically by creating a low cost, leak proof, break resistant product that would enable the safe and secure transportation of wine whether from the winery, the store or the restaurant to the ultimate destination. After several false starts with different prototypes, from a hard shell to a wineskin with no cushioning, Aaron and Alyse finalized the model and introduced the product in December 2006.

In addition to his law practice that required him to split his time in California and Nevada, Aaron was running the day to day operations of WineSkin out of Las Vegas, Nevada while Alyse was managing the creative direction of the product. However, in August of 2008, Aaron took on another new business venture that required that he reside in Las Vegas full time. So, Aaron and Alyse moved from Venice beach to try out a new adventure in Las Vegas. Due to Aaron being committed to a variety of projects, Alyse, who was taking time off from acupuncture to enjoy being with their newborn son, decided that she would take over the daily operations of WineSkin. Fast forward a year and a half and the business has grown to numerous countries and is adding new customers everyday!

To date, WineSkin (a US registered trademarked name and US Design Patent no. 29/379,755 product of From The Source, LLC) is marketed and sold in all the major wine producing countries, for many wine, spirit, and liquor brands, and with a goal to make traveling a little easier for you. From The Source, LLC is a mom and pop business based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Aaron and Alyse hope you enjoy WineSkin and other products being created for you. Please keep a look out for our special releases of our WineSkin for Causes bags that will donate proceeds to various charitable organizations.

About From the Source

From The Source LLC is a Nevada-based limited liability company focused on developing and marketing packaging innovations to the wine and spirits industry. With its patented WineSkin® bottle transport bag product leading the charge, FTS is blazing new territory in the liquid transport packaging category.

WineSkin is covered by multiple patents worldwide, including:

US Design Patent no. 29/379,755
Euro Design Patent no. 000799887-0001
Australia Patent no. 2007324109
Argentina Patent no. AR063134B1
Chile Patent no. 48.273
New Zealand Patent no. 576659
Canadian patent pending

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