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Become a WineSkin Retailer. WineSkin is a simple, effective and cost-conscious solution for safely transporting bottles

WineSkin® (pat.pend.) provides safer transport for wine and fortified spirit products, whether purchased directly from the manufacturer, through a distributor, or at a retail location.

Imported by From The Source LLC, WineSkin is created with today’s manufacturer and consumer in mind. Consider the challenges associated with the shipment and transport of wine:

• Prohibitions against liquids on flights
• Potential for breakage when packed in checked luggage
• Packaging costs associated with parcel shipments
• Other similar packaging that is bulky, clumsy and/or ineffective and expensive
• Cost

WineSkin is the solution to each of these issues. WineSkin is:

• A tough, flexible and durable plastic wrap with dielectrically sealed seams all around
• A protective, bubble-wrap interior designed to provide shock- and impact-absorption
• A dual-strip sealing system that provides a leak-proof lock against liquid loss in the event of breakage
• Affordable
• Attractive
• Available for custom imprinting

If your operation is a:

Winery or Fortified Spirit Manufacturer: you will want to ship samples wrapped in WineSkin to help provide that extra level of security and confidence that your bottle will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

Tasting Room: send every bottle sold home wrapped in a custom-imprinted WineSkin featuring your logo, web address and other contact information for follow-up sales; designed to increase tasting room sales by providing consumers with a safe and cost effective method for wine transportation and to assist your sales force in facilitating additional sales, particularly against airplane cabin prohibitions on liquid transport.

Distributors: deliver samples to retail accounts in WineSkin — use it as an upsell opportunity by reselling WineSkin to your accounts.

Retailers: send every bottle you sell out the door wrapped in protective WineSkin — whether the bottle is going around the block or around the world, nothing inspires more travel confidence that WineSkin.

There’s only one way to transport wine — WineSkin.

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