New York Times Frugal Traveler: WineSkin

WineSkin received a solid recommendation from The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler column by Seth Kugel, as part of their Holiday Gift Guide 2010:

There’s no gift quite so great — or quite so terrible — to bring back from a trip as a bottle of malbec from Argentina or a sangiovese from Tuscany or Champagne from, er, Champagne. Great because it’s impossible not to like and shows that you went out of your way to lug it back. Terrible because you spend your trip fearing that it’ll break in your bag and ruin whatever sweater you wrapped it in, along with the rest of your clothes. These bottle-shaped sleeves are both padded with bubble protection to prevent breaking, and, in the event of a particularly brusque baggage handler, sealed so that if the bottle does break, the damage is limited to the gift. And though it’s not specified, I’m betting it would work just as well for a similarly shaped bottle of Barbadian rum or Russian vodka or Scotch whisky, should your taste for liquor run in a different direction.

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