Chef Les Kincaid on WineSkin

Noted wine writer, cookbook author and radio/television host Les Kincaid recently covered the WineSkin on his nationally syndicated Wines Du Jour program that airs worldwide, including in all 50 states, satellite, cable and all over Asia on Vasian cable network each week. His guest was Aaron L. Snyder, and Alyse Snyder owners of Wineskin. They discussed their product and shared stories of using it.

Click here to watch the segment now (begins about 19:00)


If you’re a typical traveler, in the air or on the ground, you that the more you can take with you the less expensive your experience will be. So, I believe you could certainly take your own wine. Or if you discover a wine while traveling, use the Wineskin to transport it home.

This is an opportunity to enjoy that special bottle you have in your cellar on your trip without worry of having it collapse and ruin all you luggage. I’m talking about WineSkin travel. WineSkin is built with a tough vinyl exterior and a bubble-pack interior. Slide a wine bottle into the Wineskin, peel the adhesive and seal it shut. You’re safe! The shock-absorption construction makes transporting your wines from place to place simple. You can find a 3-pack of WineSkin at your local wine retail store for about $10. That’s more affordable than replacing your travel items, and much less expensive than shipping. Enjoy the perks of affordable, instantaneous gratification. For more information, please visit